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occhiolism (kind of, not really, positively maybe) [Nov. 27th, 2015|11:08 am]
[day trips out to natural scenic sights by bus & car] - cliffs of moher / connemara national park / peak district national park (stanage & ladybower)

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there was once a girl who lived in the house of her heart. she pruned the garden of her emotions separated & gave them all a name: happiness, sadness, anger... the blood, she felt, always pumping through her arteries, never ceasing. the little cottage house burning embers of fire as she sat reclining in a chair all she knew, & she didn't need more. but blank canvases are always bound to be painted (tainted?). would she end up a masterpiece or a spoilt piece ravished by the world? she stepped outside the wooden cottage door, the way eve left eden. it came rushing to her all at once, bouts of waves crashing, breaking upon her once calm, crystal white shore. she ventured into the woods saw new flowers: the ones that would kiss her eyes open in the morning, new birds (the small one that would sing her to sleep at night), new trees that would hug her as monsters lurked beneath her bed (inside her house prior to this were only nightmares). monsters, though, the new kind in the forest, werent just nightmares with sharp teeth & claws to rip her to shreds, scratch her canvas until it bled dry, the epidermis unable to heal (only scars remain). she will learn the taste of iron, of salt in copious amounts that some flowers are really poison ivy, venus fly traps. adam could name every animal in eden but she now realized her garden was miniscule compared to the world out there, bursting; her rickety gate threatening to splinter if she were to do the same. for she has learnt a multitude of things when she decided to get her boots muddied the euphoria alongside melancholy & immense hurt. she will tread through, trek up to the mountaintop, scarred, bruised in every way possible & still reach the top smiling. she will realize she is small & will always be susceptible to thorns (but also to rosy petals & warm rivers). she will learn that everything in the world can hurt her, but everything can also heal.

she must be small to understand how much the world can offer.